Khao Lak

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Matt, Thanita, Nic & Nisha Blauer: KHAO LAK, THAILAND

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Why Khao Lak?

On December 26, 2004 a tsunami swept the Indian Ocean. I was a news cameraman at the time and was first sent to Aceh in Indonesia where the tsunami wreaked the most destruction. A few months later I came with Unicef to document their work with tsunami survivors in Khao Lak, where the tsunami hit the hardest in Thailand.

During that time I saw both relief and mission work being done. As hopeful and good as it was, the thought struck me that it was temporary and there would need to be long-term workers.

Both the work in Indonesia and Thailand had a lasting impact on me. I always felt I would like to do something more for the people. Eventually our family moved to Khao Lak to live and serve the community and local church.

Ten years on from the tsunami, its impact is hardly noticeable. But the problems that remain are similar to many emerging nations. We continue to strive to make an impact on the people we serve. We are thankful to everyone for encouragement, prayers and support. Thank God!

Matt Blauer