Reading Revelation Responsibly: Part 1

“How to avoid making a mess of the message of the New Testament’s only apocalyptic book.”

Part One: 7 Essentials for Climbing Mt. Revelation

“It is scarce possible for any who either love or fear God not to feel their hearts extremely affected in seriously reading Revelation…I by no means pretend to understand or explain all that is contained in this mysterious book. I only offer what help I can.” -John Wesley

1. Understanding what to leave out of your pack

2. Understand the Historical Place of the Letter

3. Understand the Old Testament Content of Letter

4. Understand the importance of the Date of Writing

5. Understand the Type of Literature

6. Understand the Four Most Common Views of Revelation

7. Understanding the Millennium Question: Premillenial, Postmillennial and Amillennial

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