Song of Songs: Sacred Sex

The Bible celebrate God’s gift of marital love and the joy and pleasure of our sexual lives. Sex is not the pinnacle of human experience. It’s not the only path to fulfilment or meaning. Being married doesn’t cristen you a saint and being a virgin doesn’t get you a better seat in heaven. In this day sex can mean too much or mean too little. This is one book of made up of 66 books, so let’s keep it in perspective. But with so much obsession, confusion, carnage and ignorance surrounding the subject, we need the wisdom of God to understand its place and purpose.

The Song of Songs invites us to explore, indulge and enjoy sex within the safe and secure, God ordained covenant of marriage. But like all good things, evil seeks to corrupt and confuse in order to bring pain, suffering, rebellion and ultimately death. The Song of Songs stands in the Bible as a beacon of hope and yet, there are plenty of stories in the Bible that reflect the sinful and broken sexuality of the human condition.

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