John 8: The Christian apologetic on Sin, Forgiveness and Freedom

The Gospel of John for Seekers, Skeptics & Saints: The Christian apologetic on Sin, Forgiveness and Freedom: John 8:1-11

Jesus Saves…it’s typically the quintessential christian bumper sticker that proclaims an answer that most people have no clue as to what He saves us from? In our day talking about the ‘need to be saved’ often sounds like the need to be rescued from Bigfoot. We seriously doubt there’s any truth to that blurry, power-walking giant ewok but there’s still a small slice of background thought that may still wonder why we seem to intuitively know this world is not as it should be…but we are not sure why it is and who’s responsible for it. If Christian’s teach that we need saved, we must ask what we need saved from and why do we need to be saved from it? What is the point of a Savior if we are not convinced we need saved?

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