The Household of Faith: Always Reforming

This is the first message in the new series called: ‘The Household of Faith: Always Reforming. This series aims to familiarize people with the core beliefs of the Historic Church and how they shape and inform the belief, worship and practice of Jesus followers today. There are obvious historic differences and divisions in the history of the Church and we must be aware of those disagreements, distinctions and debates. In this series we will dig into those matters as we seek to root our understanding of the Church in the Scriptures, in light of the witness and traditions of the past and the monumental changes that resulted in the Reformation. This message begins to examine the issues that led up to the Reformation, in particular, can the people of God fall into error and/or apostasy? ┬áIs there biblical precedent to the need of Return, Renewals or Reformations?

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