The Magi from the East

The mysterious men from the East…Wise men? Princes? Kings or Wizards? Matthew 2:1-12 tells a short story about some very unlikely people that show up to worship Jesus. In this passage, we can find hopeful promise for the times in which we live.

This Christmas season, the story about the birth of our Savior, Jesus, has particularly power as we see our country in the midst of geo-political, religious, national, racial, inter-personal and cultural conflict. It’s another possible kairos moment when mad Herodian kings are raging, armies are warring across the globe, refugees, immigrants and displaced people are being rerouted by imperial edict and taxes are again at the forefront of people’s minds. In gated clinics,  blood from the slaughter of the to-be born innocents still runs and if one’s is quiet they can still hear Rachel weeping for her children who are no more. Our cities streets are full of homelessness and it’s been forever since we’ve heard the angels on high sing of the mighty movings of God on the earth again. Our own wise men and women are looking into the galaxies, searching for signs of life, some hope, somewhere, out there, sooner than later. All of humanity is seemingly riding another agonizing season of transitional birth pains.”

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