Prayer & Silence

This is a message that I shared at Kaleo Church, one of the churches that we are relationally connected to through our Ecclesia network in Spokane. If the following quote on prayer by C.S. Lewis resonates with your own struggles in prayer, this message will help you.

Then again, by talking at this length about prayer at all, we seem to give it a much bigger place in our lives than, I’m afraid, it has. For while we talk about it, all the rest of our experience, which in reality crowds our prayer into the margin or sometimes off the page altogether, is not mentioned. Hence, in the talk, an error of proportion which amounts to, though it was not intended for, a lie. Well, let’s now at any rate come clean. Prayer is irksome. An excuse to omit it is never unwelcome. When it is over, this casts a feeling of relief and holiday over the rest of the day. We are reluctant to begin. We are delighted to finish. While we are at prayer, but not while we are reading a novel or solving a crossword puzzle, any trifle is enough to distract us. And we know that we are not alone in this.”
-C.S. Lewis, Letters to Malcolm, chapter 21

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