Standing in the Tensions of Power & Providence

The Gospel of John for Seekers, Skeptics and Saints:
John 4:43-54

  1. Jesus ministered to people where they were at even if their motives, understandings or acceptance of the truth wasn’t fully mature. We are called to engage and plant seeds of biblical truth where there is resistance, ignorance or the absence of the truth.
  2. Jesus ministered to the physical sufferings and needs of people. We are called to be go to the those who are experiencing the trials and troubles of life and cultivate a reputation for being helpful and accessible to those who are in need.
  3. Jesus spoke the truth to those who were confused or misguided in their understanding of God and his ways. We must remember that God’s primary saving work on earth is to bring people back into a loving and secure relationship with their Father, that doesn’t mean He will make everything right on the earth before the return of Christ.
  4. Jesus is always working to provoke faith/trust in who God is and what He is doing. We should be challenging people to put their faith/trust in God not in people, places or methods.
  5. The Promise of Power & Providence
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